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HHPNC President's Message 12-14-21

Dear Stakeholders,

I hope everyone has had a happy holiday season so far. As you may know, our board is entering another time of transition as a few seasoned board members have recently resigned. I again will ask for your patience as we navigate our way through. In the meantime, thank you for your support and for your continued involvement in our community. I am very excited about our new board members who have joined in the past two months. I think they are going to add a lot to our board discussions and are already promising to be engaged with our community. Please stop by our general board meeting in January to meet them!

If you have items that need to go on the next Land Use Committee Meeting’s Agenda, please send them directly to me at I have never made an agenda for Land Use and am having trouble filling out an agenda. That meeting will take place at the regularly scheduled time on December 21st.

We have money to spend! Our Neighborhood Purpose Grant program is still alive and well and we would love to support our local organizations! Please help me in spreading the word to any and all non-profits that could benefit from our program. They can learn how to apply for NPGs here.

Finally, I want to say thank you again for your support and attendance at our meetings. This is your community, and your neighborhood, and we are doing our best to make your voices heard at the highest level. As always, you can reach out to me directly for public comment, to voice a concern, or simply to chat about the neighborhood. I hope you all have happy holidays and a wonderful New Year.

Thanks as always,


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