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Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council Bylaws:

HHPNC approved bylaws 11-10-20

“The latest HHPNC’s bylaws have been amended to conform with the new Community Interest Stakeholder Ordinance & Uniform Age Ordinance. This version of bylaws has been formally approved by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) on November 10, 2020. Due to the limited time available to prepare for the upcoming 2021 NC Elections, the Department has amended HHPNC’s bylaws to implement the Community Interest Stakeholder Ordinance & Uniform Age Ordinance. These changes are necessary for the City’s effective administration of upcoming Neighborhood Council elections.  This accelerated timeline did not allow for the general practice of distributing a “stipulation worksheet” in which NCs are asked to discuss these mandatory amendments and approve and return the stipulation worksheet back to the Department for processing. Due to these constraints, the Department requested that our NC place this as an item on a board agenda to review and approve the ratification of your newly amended bylaws. This bylaws will be reviewed and voted on at the December general board meeting.”


Agenda Policies and Procedures View  (Updated 10/04/23 )

Code of Civility View

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