Housing, Renters & Homelessness Ad Hoc Committee

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The Housing, Renters, & Homelessness Committee seeks to inform the community of local housing issues, to provide tenants assistance and information regarding their rights, to provide a platform for engagement with the unhoused in our community, to disseminate news about relevant policies, organizations, and events, to help strengthen local unhoused, housing, and tenants rights laws and improve the connections between the community, the City Council office, and the Los Angeles Housing Department and Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

Co-Chairs:   Theresa Saso and Sasha Rappaport

Board Members: Camille Demeo, Ghazal Hashemi, Steve Crouch, and Samantha McBride

Stakeholders:  Terri Smith and Mr. Hope


  1. Ensure that the unhoused in Highland Park have a voice in the efforts to reduce homelessness in their community

  2. To determine legislation that protects the unhoused, renters, & housing insecure in Highland Park that is being considered by the city council that the board can vote on during this term and the following

  3. To survey and report needs being faced by the unhoused and tenants in Highland Park that the new board can advocate for during this term and the new term

  4. To establish connections with similar committees of other NCs to maximize impact

  5. To collaborate with youth and ed committee on mutual aid directory and former brochure for unhoused population


Tenant Resources


If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness and is in need of shelter, please call 800-548-6047 or go to LA-HOP

More resources can be found here: https://www.selahnhc.org/quick-resources


If you are interested in volunteering to support the unhoused in Highland Park, please go here or contact: eaglerock@selahnhc.org


Third Wednesday of the month @ 7:00pm.