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Liaisons and Alliances

If you are interested in volunteering for a Liaison, Alliance or Coalition position, please email

Alliances and Coalitions

Neighborhood Councils from throughout the city come together regularly, sometimes by region, sometimes by issue, sometimes citywide, and always with a louder representative voice. Neighborhood Councils have significant opportunities to work with regional and citywide organizations in addressing issues, taking positions, and engaging their communities and City Hall. At the same time, LA’s elected officials and department leaders also have several powerful opportunities to engage LA’s 99 Neighborhood Councils by connecting with the many Alliances and Coalitions.

View HHPNC Appointments Here

View Full List of Alliances and Coalitions HERE


Designated contact person to attend meetings & help share news from City of Los Angeles elected officials, departments, and even other Neighborhood Councils are frequently looking for an NC contact person to work with on a particular subject matter. During the year, agencies will ask EmpowerLA for Liaison contact information for the purpose of sending invitations to meetings or events of interest, to receive feedback, or simply to request help in sharing information with NCs and stakeholders. Your willingness to be that contact person will help your Neighborhood Council improve government responsiveness to your community’s needs.


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